CNC Swiss Style Lathe

Today’s machine shops are manufacturing more and more small, complex precision parts, and most companies, particularly in the medical, aviation and metalworking industries, rely on Star CNC Swiss-type Automatic Lathes to get the job done.

Star Swiss Style Lathes produce superior quality parts with increased precision and unlike conventional CNC lathes, which hold a piece of stock in place as it gets machined, a Swiss Style Lathe feeds the stock through a guide bushing. This allows the turning tool to cut the stock nearer to the point of support, which increases precision and reduces waste.

Why Do You Need A Swiss-Style Lathe?

Many manufacturing businesses are turning to CNC Swiss-style automatic lathe machines for higher-precision manufacturing — and for good reason. Our Swiss-type machines provide several benefits that can improve the quality of the parts you produce including:

Machining more complex parts

Most conventional machines tend to be more limited and take longer than Swiss-type machines. Swiss-type machines bring a workpiece to the tools, producing more complex pieces more efficiently.

Simultaneous turning and milling

– In a Swiss-type lathe, there’s more versatility in the kinds of machining that can be done on one piece at one time. Your Swiss-lathe can do turning and milling simultaneously, requiring fewer recalibrations and providing a more efficient process.

Reduced cycle times

AMT Machine Tools’ Swiss lathes boast shorter cycle times. This lets you finish work faster. You can also perform setups and corrections to your pieces right away, making your workflow more efficient.

Saving barstock

Swiss-style lathe machines can work with smaller barstock compared with conventional equipment. Using smaller barstock is more cost-effective, and improves productivity.

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