Filtermist Overview

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Filtermist Informative Video

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The Filtermist System

  • Energy efficient
  • Oil mist removed at source
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Recognized market leader
  • Quiet operation
  • High performance

Filtermist oil mist collectors can be used on a variety of machining applications to help reduce oil mist, vapor and fumes

Increases employee safety and health, reduces downtime on machines and makes a better work environment for all

Very affordable compared to competitive products, and is of the highest quality standards in the industry

Easy to install with a variety of mounting options and performance accessories to suit your needs!

Can be adopted for a variety of machine sizes as well as open area machining applications

Suitable for CNC machines, grinders/saws, food processing, parts washing as well as many specialty machining processses

Stainless steel models now available for corrosive applications

More than 200,00 units in operation in more than 60 countries worldwide. Used by many of the industry leaders

A sample of customers that use our oil mist collectors include:

  • Cincinnati Milacron
  • Daewoo
  • Ford
  • General Motors
  • Haas
  • Hyundai
  • Koyo
  • Mazak
  • Mori Seiki
  • Makino
  • Nissan
  • NSK
  • Okuma
  • Star
  • Timken
  • Toyota
  • TRW

and many more satisfied customers and successful installs!

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Filtermist In Action

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Filtermist Benefits

filtermist-benefitsFiltermist is the world’s leading manufacturer of Oil Mist Collectors and there are over 200,000 Filtermist units operating in over 60 countries worldwide, making Filtermist the world’s leading oil mist collector.

Our Oil Mist Collectors are compact with direct mount capability making them a first choice for the metal working industry when choosing an oil mist collector.

No need to feel like you are skating on the shop floor, Filtermist Oil Mist Collectors eliminate oil mist and smoke resulting in a cleaner, safer environment, getting rid of those slippery surfaces.

The Filtermist Oil Mist Collector is a proven way to clean up your shop and comes in variety of capacities ranging from 300-1400 CFM.

The Benefits of Controlling Oilmist

  • Reduced Health Risks
  • Reduced Accident Risks
  • Reduced Fire Hazards
Cost Savings
  • Coolant Cost Savings
  • Heating Cost Savings
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Cost Savings
  • Reduction in Scrap Rates
Increased Productivity
  • Improved Employee Attendance
  • Less Machine Downtime
  • Higher Speeds & Feeds
  • Better Lighting

There’s more…

  1. Compact construction to reduce size and weight
  2. Curved vanes to improve airflow and collection efficiency
  3. New entry cone optimizes air distribution
  4. Reduced drum/case gap to minimize droplet fragmentation and improve filtration efficiency
  5. Split casing to allow easy access for maintenance

About Filtermist


Filtermist International is growing. The world’s leading manufacturer of Mist Collectors recently marked the opening of its brand new global headquarters in Telford, England. The celebration was attended by more than 30 of the company’s global distributors, including AMT Machine Tools from Canada.

Filtermist was launched in Bridgnorth, England in 1969 to provide reliable and efficient oil mist removal solutions. Over the past 40+ years, the company’s Mist Collectors have grown in popularity, and are now sold into more than 60 countries worldwide making the move to a larger facility necessary, as the industry leader continues to grow its market share.

AMT Machine Tools Ltd. has represented Filtermist Mist Collectors in Canada for more than 35 years, and was on hand to celebrate the opening of the new facility.

The Toronto-based company carries an extensive inventory of Filtermist Mist Oil Mist Collectors and accessories, and its knowledgeable staff is always available to assist with installation and capacity recommendations.

Metalworking shops worldwide make Filtermist the number one choice in Mist Collectors. The compact, quiet units efficiently remove oil and coolant mist, fumes, smoke and steam to help create safer environments at manufacturing plants across the globe. The units help thousands of customers comply with local health and safety guidelines by reducing the amount of airborne pollutants.

Filtermist Mist Collectors are available in capacities ranging from 295 up to 1,400 CFM. They can be mounted directly on top or on the side of machines, on a floor stand, or suspended from a factory ceiling.

Filtermist mist collectors help manufacturing businesses comply with local health and safety guidelines by reducing the amount of airborne pollutants. In some countries the penalties for being in breach of these guidelines can be severe with heavy fines for the business and individuals responsible within the company.

It is important to keep a healthy workforce to reduce down time and sickness which negatively affect the productivity of the business and Filtermist mist collectors help to achieve this.

Filtermist Oil Mist Collector units efficiently remove oil mist, coolant mist, fume, smoke and steam in thousands of manufacturing operations around the world. In addition to being used extensively by the Metalworking Industry, Filtermist oil mist collectors are also used on applications including; spark eroding; grinding; food spraying and industrial washing processes.

There are currently over 200,000 Filtermist units operating in over 60 countries worldwide, making Filtermist the world’s leading mist collector.
Filtermist Oil Mist Collectors are available in capacities ranging from 295 – 1400 CFM and they can be mounted in a variety of ways including; directly on top or on the side of machines, on a floor stand, or suspended from a factory ceiling.

Using Filtermist to eliminate oil mist and smoke from your plant will not only result in a cleaner, safer environment but can also result in increased productivity.

Why Use Filtermist Units

filtermist-middelWhen the health and safety of your employees is at risk thanks to oil mist hazards, it’s important to help protect their health with a quality Mist Collector. Turn to an expert in this field, a company with decades of experience building and improving their Mist Collector, a company like Filtermist International.

Filtermist has more than 40 years of experience providing their Mist Collector oil mist extraction systems around the world. Filtermist units are the chosen Mist Collector on tens of thousands of applications — from high-precision CNC machining centres to traditional open grinders.

Benefits in using the Filtermist Mist Collector are: improved health; improved safety; reduced energy and heating costs by recycling clean air back into the factory; and reduced maintenance costs because no expensive media filters need to be replaced.

The Filtermist Mist Collector is used in a variety of industries from aerospace to medical and automotive to food processing. Units are available in mild steel and stainless steel with dozens of installation accessories to create turnkey solutions for almost any type of oil mist problem.

The Filtermist Oil Mist Collector is in operation in over 60 countries across the globe, making Filtermist the world’s leading Oil Mist Collector. The units are the number one choice by metalworking shops for several reasons.

  • Compact design.   The Filtermist Oil Mist Collector has a small footprint allowing them to adapt to a wide range of applications. Filtermist units are lightweight and compact so they can be mounted directly onto machine tools, but can also be mounted on floor stands, machine mounting brackets and wall brackets depending on the application.
  • Efficient.   The Filtermist Oil Mist Collector is proven to efficiently remove oil mist, coolant mist, fume, smoke and steam. Our Oil Mist Collector removes mist at the source before it can disperse into the shop air.
  • Health benefits.   The Filtermist Oil Mist Collector is the #1 choice to help metalworking shops comply with health and safety guidelines by reducing the amount of airborne pollutants. Accident risks from slippery surfaces and fire hazards from oil deposits on machines and walls are reduced as well with the Filtermist Oil Mist Collector.
  • Cost savings.    When the Filtermist Oil Mist Collector is installed, many companies have reported coolant savings, heating savings, cleaning and maintenance savings, and a reduction in scrap rates.

How Filtermist Units Work:

filtermist-thirdA perforated drum with specially designed vanes rotates at high speed. Oil mist is drawn into the unit and impacts on its vanes at high velocity. Special drum pads assist the coalescing process and filter out stray solid particles. Centrifugal force pushes oil to the unit’s outer case where it drains back to the machine for re-use or collection and clean air is returned to the workshop through the top of the unit.

Since 1969, Filtermist Oil Mist Collectors have been designed to satisfy the demands of the manufacturing industry. Years of experience together with feedback from independent industry experts, have resulted in a number of advances that have improved efficiencies and performance.

The latest Filtermist Oil Mist Collectors offers many design improvements over previous models.

  • The units have a reduced size and weight.
  • They feature curved vanes, which improve air flow and collection efficiency.
  • They have a new entry cone, which optimizes air distribution.
  • The drum/case gap has been reduced to minimize droplet fragmentation and improve filtration efficiency.
  • The units feature split casing to allow for easy access to maintenance.

Filtermist Oil Mist Collectors are also versatile. They can be used on lathes and machining centers, as well as grinding machines, industrial saws, parts washers and even in food processing applications. They are often small enough to be mounted directly onto machine tools, but can also be installed on floor stands, machine mounting brackets and wall brackets, or suspended from a factory ceiling.

AMT Machine Tools has been carrying Filtermist Oil Mist Collectors and accessories in Canada for more than 35 years. The Toronto-based company offers a large inventory of Filtermist products to companies across the country, and is always available to assist with installation and capacity recommendations.

Filtermist Oil Mist And Smoke Collectors

Filtermist has been providing reliable, efficient oil mist removal solutions since 1969. Their products are the first choice among metal cutting professionals around the world. There are 200,000 Filtermist oil mist collectors in daily operation in 60 countries.

Industries: metalworking machinery, food processing, parts washing etc.

AMT has been supplying oil mist collectors to the Canadian metal cutting and grinding industry since 1969. Our products are used in applications including machining centers, industrial saws, food processing, lathes and parts washing.

We have a large inventory of oil mist collectors that remove up to 99.5% of oil mist with capacities that range from 295 CFM to 1400 CFM.

AMT can provide assistance with installation and determining the oil mist removal capacity suited for your specific application.

Filtermist Common Questions

How do I select the correct Filtermist Model for my application?

We have a database of previous installs on many different models of machine tools.

Also, if you can provide us with the interior volume of your machine in cubic feet and some details about your application we can make a recommendation.

How do I install the Filtermist unit on my machine?

The Filtermist Units are a relatively easy piece of equipment to install, and

most shops handle their own installations. A detailed instruction manual is included

with each unit.

Units can be direct mounted on top of the machine, side mounted with a mounting bracket, floor mounted on a stand next to the machine etc.

How often do the drum pads need to be changed?

The instruction manual that is included with each unit details the maintenance requirements.

It is recommended to change the pads every 1000 running hours.

An important aspect to understand about the Filtermist Unit is that the

drum pads are not filters. These porous pads are present to slow airflow

through the unit, thereby maximizing contact with the drum vanes for

greatest overall impaction efficiency.

Because the Filtermist Unit utilizes the mechanical process of centrifugal

impaction to eliminate mist, maintenance requirements are minimal. As a

result, some customers have reported that they have had units operating

for many years without ever needing to change the drum pads.

Can I use one Filtermist Unit to service more than one machine?

Yes it is possible to collect the mist from more than one machine with a single Filtermist Unit but this will depend on the interior volumes of the machines and how close together the machines are to each other

How will my Filtermist Unit ship?

Most Filtermist Units can ship via courier, however, when ordering multiple units and accessories it is often more cost effective to ship by truck.