Filtermist Common Questions

How do I select the correct Filtermist Model for my application?

We have a database of previous installs on many different models of machine tools.

Also, if you can provide us with the interior volume of your machine in cubic feet and some details about your application we can make a recommendation.

How do I install the Filtermist unit on my machine?

The Filtermist Units are a relatively easy piece of equipment to install, and

most shops handle their own installations. A detailed instruction manual is included

with each unit.

Units can be direct mounted on top of the machine, side mounted with a mounting bracket, floor mounted on a stand next to the machine etc.

How often do the drum pads need to be changed?

The instruction manual that is included with each unit details the maintenance requirements.

It is recommended to change the pads every 1000 running hours.

An important aspect to understand about the Filtermist Unit is that the

drum pads are not filters. These porous pads are present to slow airflow

through the unit, thereby maximizing contact with the drum vanes for

greatest overall impaction efficiency.

Because the Filtermist Unit utilizes the mechanical process of centrifugal

impaction to eliminate mist, maintenance requirements are minimal. As a

result, some customers have reported that they have had units operating

for many years without ever needing to change the drum pads.

Can I use one Filtermist Unit to service more than one machine?

Yes it is possible to collect the mist from more than one machine with a single Filtermist Unit but this will depend on the interior volumes of the machines and how close together the machines are to each other

How will my Filtermist Unit ship?

Most Filtermist Units can ship via courier, however, when ordering multiple units and accessories it is often more cost effective to ship by truck.