Filtermist Oil Mist And Smoke Collectors

Filtermist has been providing reliable, efficient oil mist removal solutions since 1969. Their products are the first choice among metal cutting professionals around the world. There are 200,000 Filtermist oil mist collectors in daily operation in 60 countries.

Industries: metalworking machinery, food processing, parts washing etc.

AMT has been supplying oil mist collectors to the Canadian metal cutting and grinding industry since 1969. Our products are used in applications including machining centers, industrial saws, food processing, lathes and parts washing.

We have a large inventory of oil mist collectors that remove up to 99.5% of oil mist with capacities that range from 295 CFM to 1400 CFM.

AMT can provide assistance with installation and determining the oil mist removal capacity suited for your specific application.