Why Use Filtermist Units

filtermist-middelWhen the health and safety of your employees is at risk thanks to oil mist hazards, it’s important to help protect their health with a quality Mist Collector. Turn to an expert in this field, a company with decades of experience building and improving their Mist Collector, a company like Filtermist International.

Filtermist has more than 40 years of experience providing their Mist Collector oil mist extraction systems around the world. Filtermist units are the chosen Mist Collector on tens of thousands of applications — from high-precision CNC machining centres to traditional open grinders.

Benefits in using the Filtermist Mist Collector are: improved health; improved safety; reduced energy and heating costs by recycling clean air back into the factory; and reduced maintenance costs because no expensive media filters need to be replaced.

The Filtermist Mist Collector is used in a variety of industries from aerospace to medical and automotive to food processing. Units are available in mild steel and stainless steel with dozens of installation accessories to create turnkey solutions for almost any type of oil mist problem.

The Filtermist Oil Mist Collector is in operation in over 60 countries across the globe, making Filtermist the world’s leading Oil Mist Collector. The units are the number one choice by metalworking shops for several reasons.

  • Compact design.   The Filtermist Oil Mist Collector has a small footprint allowing them to adapt to a wide range of applications. Filtermist units are lightweight and compact so they can be mounted directly onto machine tools, but can also be mounted on floor stands, machine mounting brackets and wall brackets depending on the application.
  • Efficient.   The Filtermist Oil Mist Collector is proven to efficiently remove oil mist, coolant mist, fume, smoke and steam. Our Oil Mist Collector removes mist at the source before it can disperse into the shop air.
  • Health benefits.   The Filtermist Oil Mist Collector is the #1 choice to help metalworking shops comply with health and safety guidelines by reducing the amount of airborne pollutants. Accident risks from slippery surfaces and fire hazards from oil deposits on machines and walls are reduced as well with the Filtermist Oil Mist Collector.
  • Cost savings.    When the Filtermist Oil Mist Collector is installed, many companies have reported coolant savings, heating savings, cleaning and maintenance savings, and a reduction in scrap rates.