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Edge Technologies Bar Feeders

Edge Technologies works hard to offer the highest quality products available. Quality parts and craftsmanship keep your machine running longer and more efficient. An extensive family of bar feeding solutions including Swiss, Sliding, or Fixed headstock CNC lathes can handle diameters ranging from .08mm – 100mm. Lathe Spindle Loaders and Multispindle Stockreel Loaders range up to 100mm.


FMB Bar Feeders

German based FMB Machinery produced the first modern day automatic magazine bar feeders back in the late 1970’s and have never looked back as the global industry leader. Their equipment’s legendary reputation for excellence in design, construction, and performance are well known in the European and U.S production bar working segments. Only one bar feeder deserves the nickname “Heavy Metal” and it’s the FMB Turbo Series which offers a premium lineup of nine distinct models that cover diameter requirements from 0.8mm (.031”) to 102mm (4”) and bar length requirements from standard 6 and 12-foot models to factory-order 40-foot units.