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An incredibly compact and affordable gang-tool lathe designed for secondary operations and other simple turning jobs.

The GT mini is built from a rigid Meehanite casting base allowing to hold a tolerance of 0.0001”. The Mini also comes standard with a powerful 6000 RPM spindle motor and the machines slides have 712 inches per minute rapids. GT mini is a small lathe ideal both for working on bar stock fed through a bar feeder or 2nd operations loaded by an operator into a chuck.


High speed 6000 rpm spindle to provides superior part finish. 712 ipm rapid traverse gets you in the cut faster.

Gang Tool

Gang tool layout is proven to reduce cycle times and has shorter tool change time compared to tool turrets. It is a great platform to build semi-custom machines because adding unique tools such as grinding spindles or live tools can be done inexpensively. The machine can be tailored to your needs.

Part Handling Automation

Automation included: Parts catcher comes standard. Rear-part loader is also available for GT mini.


Though the Mini has a fast spindle and high accuracy, it’s competitively priced. For those needing the power on a budget, the GT mini fits the bill.


MITSUBISHI EZ-MOTION E60 high performance controller and Mitsubishi digital AC servo drives

Workholding Options

Hydraulic chucking system included. Workpiece can be held using chuck or 5C collet. Both are hydraulically activated for maximum grip force.

Bar Feeder

GT mini has been pre-wired with interface for Fedek DH-65 barfeeder unit, which accepts spindle-length bar stock between 1/5″ and 1.06″ in diameter.