Epic RT is The Next Generation Full CNC Rotary Transfer Machining Solution integrated into this machine is an Embedded Motion Control System where the hydraulic servo valve and control devises are mounted directly on the tool-spindle unit. The EPIC R/T’s flexibility is ideal for job shops running smaller lot sizes.


The Hydromat AT 6-100 is a design best described as four mini vertical turning lathes in one. With spindle speeds up to 5,000 rpm and 50,000 rpm live tools, this machine is ideal for small intricate parts.


The Inline Standard-8 is equipped with 8 double chucks and transport arms for moving the part from station to station. The machine is capable of machining from bar stock up to 1″ diameter. Long turning operations, recessing in the center of the part, or special contours can be generated by a pickup and revolving station. A cross slide unit works from the vertical position generates the desired OD.


Legacy Features:

  • Up to 12 horizontal & 6 machining stations
  • Full CNC using Embedded Motion Control Technology (EMC)
  • Handles up to 45mm diameters in square, round or hex bar stock
  • Several different unit sizes available
  • Coolant chiller optional
  • Multiple loading and chip system options
  • Plug & play EPIC programming for on the fly changes

Genesis Features

  • Embedded Motion Control Technology (EMC) providing full CNC programming capabilities
  • Supports lean manufacturing principals
  • Quick, easy changeovers – typically 1-3 hours
  • Competitive manufacturing at small, medium and large production quantities
  • Easy, centralized programming
  • EMC Technology – simplifies components and wiring, reducing potential failures
  • Integrated modem connection provides fast problem solving


The HS Indexing Chuck machine combines precision chucks with the indexing accuracy and reliability of the Hirth ring. Available in 12 or 16 station models, the HS is fully integrated into the Hydromat program, so the same modular components used with Hydromat’s popular rotary transfer models are compatible with the HS machine. The HS machine has the ability to be equipped with indexing chucks at all stations.


The EPIC RS consists of a control unit for a single EPIC Toolspindle and a compact tablet computer, offering users the advantage of EPIC EMC (Embedded Motion Control) Technology on machines that previously could not be added to a Legacy Hydromat machine. The Legacy Hydromat’s control remains intact and works as before. The EPIC RS is ideal for adding one to three EPIC Units on one machine or a number of units on several machines. The new EPIC SS (System Six) connects up to six EPIC CNC toolspindle units on one Legacy Hydromat machine.