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‘Vortex’ is a brand new pre-filter which has been specifically designed for use in high volume / low pressure coolant applications, such as multi-spindle machines. The volume of oil used in these applications means traditional oil filters can quickly become saturated, incurring additional replacement and disposal costs.

The Vortex forces the saturated air to spiral, separating the large oil droplets from the air. The remaining oil mist then passes through the Filtermist oil mist collector as normal – oil is collected by both the Vortex and Filtermist unit and returned to the machine, and clean air is exhausted back into the workplace.

Compact Cyclone

Filtermist cyclones are designed to collect dust and swarf before it enters the Filtermist unit.

The system is attached to the inlet of the Filtermist unit and the contaminated air passes through it. The low-pressure area within the separator encourages the heavier particles to fall to its base where they can be easily removed.

Filtermist has re-designed the cyclone, without impacting on the efficiency of the oil mist collector, into a shorter system to complement its compact extraction units.

Replacement & Reusable Filters

A simple, inexpensive addition to the extraction duct, the Pre-filter is a rectangular unit with an integral tray holding a sheet of filtration material or metal mesh.

This material can be washed or replaced. Pre-filters should only be used on light dust. Heavier dust/particulate applications may require a Dust/Swarf Cyclone.