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CSX Low Level Stands

A combined stand that includes an inbuilt pre-separator ideal for heavy duty applications such as grinding machines. The stand benefits from large access doors to allow easy access for servicing and maintenance. The CSX stand comes complete with 4 locking castors, 90 degree inlet bend, pre-separator and 50mm diameter drain with tap.

Note: CSX is available for FX5002 & FX6002 oil mist collectors only.

Floor Stands

The Filtermist extendable floor stand comes in sections for easy transportation. The stand height is fully adjustable with the base plate pre-drilled for bolting to the workshop floor. Filtermist also offers a low-level stand which enables easy access to the Filtermist unit. The stands are made for the S series and FX series with customised mountings to ensure the oil mist collectors are mounted securely.

Machine Tool Stands

These versatile stands have been designed to fit directly onto the machine tool where floor space is at a premium and allow the fitting of the units taking into account the location, application, access for ongoing maintenance and size of unit. Machine tool stands are available for S series and FX series units.