Choosing the Right Metal Cutting Tool for Maximum Efficiency

Choosing the Right Metal Cutting Tool for Maximum Efficiency

Cutting tools play a vital role in the productivity of your facility. Although it does not demand a high level of investment, it can still affect the end product when not given much attention. The importance of companies embracing advanced machine metal cutting tools cannot be overemphasized.

The challenge of shortening the time of production and increasing productivity lies in the cutting of metals in the shortest time possible. Faster machining requires quick feed rates and boosting cutting speed. Most manufacturers use new machine tools with the mindset of getting things done easier and quicker than the usual. However, newer isn’t necessarily better. Simply choosing the right metal cutting tools and implementing small changes in your tooling strategies can often result in maximum efficiency for a lot less.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Cutting Tools

Here are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing the best metal cutting tool for your business:

Machine Capability

Know your machine capability for perfect metal cutting tool purchase

You have to familiarize your machine in order to determine if it can operate at a given set of parameters. Factors such as horsepower and torque should be noted when choosing your metal cutting tool. This is because there are other machines that can only operate well with certain types of metals such as the following:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous
  • Superalloy

Using your machines to process metals beyond its capacity can increase the chances of your machine malfunctioning. To avoid spending more, know the capability of your machine and buy the cutting tool that perfectly fits its features.

Power Prerequisite

Determining the horsepower (HP) of your machine is essential. Metal cutting tools perform better when they are used within their power band. For example, if you bought a 30 HP mill, then you should select metal cutting tools that use 90% of the available power in order to get the best results. Information on the power capacity of your machine can be found in the manual. You can check it there from time to time.

Fixture Stability

Meet your production goals

Fixtures in machines are designed with economics in mind. They are created to lower the cost of your production and aid efficiency. Fixture stability is an important factor in considering metal cutting tools because it determines the amount of workload that you can produce in a certain period of time.

Let’s say, you plan to manufacture 1000 pieces of cut metal in a day. To meet that production target, your machine fixture must be in good condition to maximize the full capacity of the metal cutting tool. When the fixture is unstable, it will be difficult to operate the machine together with the cutting tool. It will also delay the production process and keep your facility from meeting the daily quota.


The size of your metal cutting tool matters for maximum efficiency

The most common mistake when choosing a metal cutting tool is buying a small one for large machines and vice versa. Before purchasing one, make sure to have the exact measurements of your machine so that you do not have to go back and forth and incur additional expenses. You can check it in the manual or you can ask your technician to make sure you are buying the correct one.


Most of the time, purchasing specific metal cutting machines is targeted at maintaining or improving work efficiency. However, there are times when purchases are made for aesthetic purposes. While the primary goal is production, companies may purchase new tools to improve the design of the machine though it doesn’t necessarily increase efficiency.

Figure out what your end goal is — whether you want to improve machine aesthetics or its production rate — so you end up with the right tool for your facility.

Number of Edges

The more edges the better

Technological advances in the designs of metal cutting tools are now adapted in the machine tools industry. Most companies prefer to replace their old 4-edged metal cutting tool with more cutting edges to make the work lighter. The number of effective metal cutting edges in your machine is directly proportional with the feed rate and productivity. It also allows your facility to produce more materials in a shorter period of time.


The most expensive ones do not always mean it is the best and the cheapest ones may offer more value. Your purchase must depend on the tool’s features and its productivity. However, you should also set a budget and work within those parameters.

Factors That May Affect Productivity

Place your machine cutting toos in the right hands

In addition to what you should consider when choosing metal cutting tools, there are also other factors that can affect productivity targets and can impact the end product. These include:

  • Speeds and feeds – Having the right cutting speeds and feeds can extend the tool’s shelf-life, give the fastest machining time (MRR), and improves surface finish.
  • Operator training, know-how, and mastery of tools – The right tools in untrained hands will not amount to much. Make sure that your operators are properly trained so they have the necessary knowledge and skills to utilize the machine and its tools to its maximum potential.
  • Proper machine care and maintenance – Even machines need some tender loving care. Simple maintenance practices like lubrication and regular cleaning can mean the difference between a functioning machine and a broken one.

Choosing the right metal cutting tool entails careful consideration and research in order to get the most out of your investment. There are several brands to choose from, all with varying prices, making it a challenging task.

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